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How To install python in Linux

Published on, 01-12-2019

It is most likely that your system will have already python installed in it, but it probably, it won’t be latest version, and it may be Python2 instead of Python3.


    To find out which Python version(S) your system have,Open a terminal and try the following command.


What is Network

Published on, 01-12-2019


In today's world we all are using electronic devices one way or another and it will not be wrong if I say we all have become so dependent that we can not think of doing a single task without needing these devices.

Ever wondered ! How these devices make connections between each other without fail ?
This all happens with the help of computer networks.

Life is Hard to live but you can win with a happy smile

Published on, 03-12-2019

 Life is Hard to live but you can win with a happy smile

  Life turns when you are married and when you are at your highest peak time of your career and you get a highest return value because god knows he is in need to feed family and make them grow, your family is the main motivation at your hardest time. When you get loss or profit you see them happy, that makes you more encouraging to make those profits or overcome those losses. No one...

Have you ever felt positive energy around

Published on, 01-12-2019

Have you ever felled positive energy around?

Pure energy is what is missing in every one’s life. We are full of sadness and don’t know what is getting covered that’s making us to do. We all are suffering from insufficient energy around us that’s creating a barrier to carry through our whole life.


What is “Pure Energy”?

The energy that emits from...

What are the best things you could do to motivate yourself

Published on, 15-12-2019

What are the best things you could do to motivate yourself?

It’s being crazy that we all are searching for peace around us to lower our stress. Here are the best way to release stress from our body to relax in the best way we could do.

3 Best ways to release stress out of your body

  1. Watch


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