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Feel the positive energy around

Published on, 28-10-2019

Have you ever felled positive energy around?

Pure energy is what is missing in every one’s life. We are full of sadness and don’t know what is getting covered that’s making us to do. We all are suffering from insufficient energy around us that’s creating a barrier to carry through our whole life.

What is “Pure Energy”?

The energy that emits from a person that’s standing nearby you and talking with you or someone whom you are getting attracted to talk & you are encouraged with his talks or encouragement that’s turning your mind to change thoughts. Basically in simple terms is you ar...

How to Enjoy Life In a most desired & thrilling Way

Published on, 24-10-2019

How to Enjoy Life In a most desired & thrilling Way?

God is very funny in this case to fulfill all your wishes what you want. God is very technical in this case he knows if he fulfills all your wishes, you will never work and you will enjoy your Life In a most desired & thrilling Way.

How To install python in Linux

Published on, 30-10-2019

It is most likely that your system will have already python installed in it, but it probably, it won’t be latest version, and it may be Python2 instead of Python3.


    To find out which Python version(S) your system have,Open a terminal and try the following command.


What is a LAN

Published on, 30-10-2019

Before, begin with this topic. I am sure We all know what is computer networks and why do we need computer networks and their uses. 



So, what is LAN and LAN stands for?




How to be Happy Alone after crossing 40

Published on, 31-10-2019

How to be Happy Alone after crossing 40


We are Happy when we are with someone, if you want to be happy alone then there’s lot more for you


Top 5 things you can to do be happy alone


  1. Examine...


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