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How to get rid of anger

Published on, 01-12-2019

How to get rid of anger


If someone does not obey your decision or does not do work as per your decision or if you are getting annoyed by someone makes you angry.


Top 5 solution...

What are operators in Python

Published on, 01-12-2019

In Python and in other programming language operators are special symbols which carry out different Arithmetics or Logical computation.The value that the operator operators on is known as the operand.



For Example:



What is a LAN

Published on, 01-12-2019

Before, begin with this topic. I am sure We all know what is computer networks and why do we need computer networks and their uses. 



So, what is LAN and LAN stands for?




How to become someone's santa this christmas

Published on, 01-12-2019

I am happy, i am always happy, think is your family happy, are your kids happy, have you ever thought to spend a bunch of time with family if no than you should start doing this christmas.

here are top 5 things you should do this christmas to make your family happy.

1.  plan for christmas with family
    1.1.    clean your home
    1.2.    prepare list of invites
    1.3.    bring chrismas tree
    1.4.    enjoy the month

1.plan for christmas with family:
       If you were thinking for a change in your life, december month is a boom to you, sit together with a family and start discussing what can we do crazy in december.  this will make...

How to Install Python On Windows

Published on, 01-12-2019

Installation & Setup Guide for windows:


    TO get started with python3, you will need to install python3 interpreter from Python’s official website at python.org


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