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5 best ideas to create Artificial intelligence future technology

5 best ideas to create Artificial intelligence technology


We all are now hearing about Artificial intelligence technology. I saw a movie iorn man and i got inspired by watching it. everything is possible in this generation with the help of coding. Artificial intelligence technology can make life more superior. I have few innovative ideas that student & science might get more interested in building such projects.

My Innovative concept for future technologies that we can create by artificial intelligence



1. Car that runs with Air above 1 meter above the surface of earth

Lets see whats in my mind about it

Car that runs with Air above 1 meter above the surface of earth

I really dont know is it possible or not. you have to figure it how is it possible

In the diagram it gets fitted bottom of the vehicle suppose we are making a space car which runs above 1 meter on earth how is it possible lets see if you could figure it out.

In the diagram suppose

A) there are two pipes inside which atom runs with a spark ignited in it that runs the right side of A circle 

B) the other Atom in B runs opposite direction. 

C) Both Atoms runs infinite unless it is stopped by somehting you can decide with the help of codes & material you use to build the engine,

D) The speed could be according to the person sitted in the space ship. here atoms speed should be continous as per the weight of the person sitting inside it.

E) The friction between A & B as in diagram creating magnetic field will create spaceship to float  at height of approx 1 meter ar above as per experiement.

G)  A going right side and B going reverse side magnetic friction field that is being created in hollow center part. as magnetic field can go opposite gravity and float in air.

F) Now we need to create another engine in which we use air as a medium of to help float and also move the spaceship going ahead.

G) We need to use a Air as a electric medium of energy that charges battery and blows air in exit area with a super sonic speed to move ahead that can be controlled by the driver

The main part in this experiment is the atom which goes in infinite speed going reverse of itself creating a friction to go in a supersonic speed to float on air. The atome needs to be created which generates energy inside the pipes and goes with itself charging it without any need further unless it gets stopped.

If Science can experiment such experiments we can use this in many helpful ways in earth as well as space.

I really dont know if they could do this. But the idea in my mind feels science can do such experiments for future and current inventions.


Thank you


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