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motivation vs non motivation


Present - What you feel today is all memories 

Past - You lossed many Memories Back

Future - We can change our Future

A) Present

Motivation : Motivation is one of the important factor in todays life. without any one motivating you, you hardly do any new things which makes you rise like a star. You are given motivation with all the best from firstly your family. early morning your mom or your wifes says wakeup its a good morning. and at every stage. They know their duty but do you remember them

Non Motivation : Your Present is what you are achieving but do you give credit to others who are making your success come more quickly. such as your family friends, Staff who motivates you. You are missing their hardwork so that you could come ahead of all hurdles. Always give credits to your subbordinates who are helping you in your work.

Conslusion : Give every one credit as in anything good that comes in your mind.

B) Past 

Motivation : We are relating with your present. You might be motivated with your family friends and many more peoples. but you were kid. Your family made you responsible to stand like a tough wall. You know they made you very tough to deal in this world. and you are also thank you for their help.

Non Motivation : You became like a wall and now you can face everything in the world but think a moment have you ever said because of you i am today successful. Have you ever made a sorry statement i missed to say thank you for every single help you made me when i was small.

Conclusion : Memories are memories. dont forget to make them realise you were the part of life and because of them you are standing with all those success.

C) Future

Motivation : Dont be busy in life that you miss the moment thats going to come. Its never too late to begin from a start. you are your own hero. There is always a sunshine after a night mare. Today is the day you should make a pledge to not to be too busy in life.

Never be lonely like a stone. Every one is waiting for you to share your opinion. Lets try to speak a single line and see how happy others are when you look at them with a beautiful smile.


Thank you

Hope you start your day with a smile




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