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Get rid of overthinking mind

Get rid of Overthinking?


Overthinking is because you want to perform multiple tasks at a time and this is been a habit to you. Now this habit is like virus because if some more work is laid on you, you still will not say no you will say it will be done, wait for few minutes.




First train your brain to do multiple works; it will be done as if you go for morning walk for a month take a morning sunbath for few minutes. This will make your brain more capable of doing things. After that you take less work load day by day till the time you reach at a cool state. Automatically your brain will start thinking less and your brain stay in a stable mode. Also eat regularly on time because if the time changes your mind will have an up down talks into your mind and will start paining on top left side.

If you need an instant relaxation I have a better idea, drink s mocktail juice it instantly makes your mind cool and your overthinking gets in control.

Try to count 1–10 slowly you will forget what you were thinking.

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