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how life is harassed by our own decisions

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how life is harassed by our own decisions

the most disappointment comes when you try to learn new things in life and the end you lose hope that you can't do anything in it. after that, you see that not only your time was wasted in learning but also your personal life gets missed.

few of current and future examples that you should know before entering the gates that you are going

a) Selection of courses

b) Selection of job 

c) Targeting the right company

d) Effortless training with zero minds init

e) Searching for passive income

f) Wrong motivation

a) Selection of courses:


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we don't know the future that we will choose. We have to select a field at a right time otherwise we can't be expertise in the field and we will fall from a mountain as we have studied so many courses and in the end, we see various choices that we don’t want. If we select a field and we learn we might get mastered in it that could help us shortly. At a particular age as in after 10th standard, our mind gets more focused on what we want so rather than going in different learning select one and get a training job where you could refine your basics and than just boom you could be master. People will follow as you following many of others. 

b) Selection of the job:

One of the most important criteria about your life is selecting the best out of 10 that you feel this will be the best job for training my skills and making more sharper. Most of the people go for money wise job wherein they don’t give you enough work that helps you in it. Try to choose such a job wherein you get various jobs of your course that you have done. This helps you very much.

c) Targeting the right company:

After your course completes don’t take a big gap in the joinging company as they are the basic training for your course and that only will train you in getting expert. Research your company make a ppt and combine all and see in which company you feel is the future. Here money is not important. The essential data that boosts your experience is important in life.

d) Effortless training with zero minds init 

Your parents are the first problem in courses. As they don’t ask you can you do this? You have to be free in selecting your life goals. Your parent rather doesn’t know what could you learn. Try to share your view or else times and money both will be wasted. I feel following one goal can make you to the top that’s my guarantee as the mind gets enough space to store data of one course and innovation comes in your mind that even the expert gets failed in your terms. Learn one course go in vast and experience what you fail init and failure in experiencing one course will one day make you an expert in the near future.

e) Searching for passive income:

Many of us search for passive income wherein you sometimes pass and many times fail after a few periods you lose hope and you quite in it and you get the wrong result. You see your journey back and you see all the effort and time and money is wasted if the time you could utilize in training your brain in your field that could have boosted the company and could have made the company 10 times more profit and you could even have posted to a better promotion with high salary. Don’t go for passive income rather than go for building your future in your company wherein you get a better position. “Please don’t waste your time because wasting your time makes your personal life more boring and turns life to hell that you will realize in near future”.

f) Wrong motivation:

One of the most bad sector of life is when your brain surfs the internet and collects wrong passive income videos that to different direction of your courses. They say its passive income but in reality, they are courses or some type of hacking your brain to earn. This happened in my life. In my Instagram account, I m messaged an account wherein I saw a passive income post. I said I want to earn in free as I am a motivational quotes writer and suddenly what I see he made my brainwash and said to send a request in Facebook to enter in VIP account and see I was added after that he send me a motivational video wherein people are happy earning. But on the other side, I continuously asked him that I don’t want to invest in it. He said you have to learn the course at least and that the course was 100 dollars. Already I said I don’t want to take the course he sent me the link and from thereon I never did a mistake by entering in the wrong direction.

Just one field where in my mind is happy i.e. motivation


Thank you 

God bless you

“life is a journey and never fall in holes where you don’t have any of your support”



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