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how life struggles in pandemic

story of a family how they are struggling to meet and what's motivating them to live hard.

I grew up in a poor family. my father strived so hard in his life as my mother died when I was 10 years. my father made every little effort so that I could study. the day came when my father became proud of me, I graduated in commerce field. I was searching for a job. I got a nominal job of data entry in my village earning rs. 8000. life was enjoyable as my friends use to torcher me, as I was so happy with life but still something was missing in my life. my friends say I usually stare at girls, having no guts I couldn't even express my feelings with girls. It was only after 5 years I and my father made savings of rs. 5 lakhs. Now we decided to take our own house in the village. we bought a room at Rs. 2 lakhs. everyone in our family was very happy as we struggled so hard in life. our achievements were clapped by everyone. after a few days, our relatives started looking for a beautiful wife for me as I was ready to get married. I got married at 27 years. I hardly got any expense as in our village a few rich people sponsors for 40 marriages at a time every year. my wife gave me a surprise that she is pregnant. we all were happy and after the birth of a child in a government hospital, we all became very happy as I got a baby boy, my family runner. after a year I got a job offer from Mumbai city with a salary of rs. 15,000 with stay and food. I was very happy but a question in my mind made me confusing. what about my wife and father, I shared this question with them, my father said you go with your wife in the city I will manage here as city environment will not suit me. my wife's dream was to go to Mumbai city as people say it is a dream world, where beggars become rich. as this much salary will not be enough to stay in Mumbai to go with family I need to take a room for rent. I decided with my wife and father. first ill go in Mumbai and just set as much as possible and will research in Mumbai for a room as the place is unknown and no one is there to guide. I decided to take a call and take a risk so that I can build my future and will come back as a vacation in my village. my wife said whatever you feel best to do it is your decision and its betterment of our future.


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I decided to go and the day came when I started my first day in the office in Mumbai. everything was running smooth but I miss my family a lot, I regularly have a video call with my family. I cry when I don't see my family beside me. suddenly shocking news comes and my father gets ill. I said my wife go to the hospital and see what's wrong. my wife took dad and the doctor said for a report of a heart scan. the report was such that it was not possible in a public hospital. we need to go to the private hospital for it. I said my wife don't worry everything will be fine. my wife said the report will cost rs. 5000. as my savings were there to handle such expenses. I said go and do it. my wife showed the report to the doctor and the doctor said there is a major problem in the heart. and it will take too much medication to it and that too heavy medicines. the medicines cost around rs. 5000 every month. as my mind was wholly diverted to my dad's illness. it was just 2 months and sudden things happen to make me sad. medicine could not help much problem increased my wife goes another time to doctor and the doctor says to report and another rs. 5,000 goes. and now doctors say we need to do the operation. I decided to take my father to Mumbai and consult a better doctor. I made the adjustment that my dad comes with one of my friends to Mumbai.and here I showed the report to the doctor in Mumbai he said its a major cause medicine will not help much. we need to do an operation. operation cost was around Rs. 1 lakhs.

I said to myself the person who made me a man to defeat any problem in this world. I decided not to take risks with public hospitals and as now I was having saving of rs. 3 lacs with all my father's savings. we had a successful operation. and I said my wife all is ok here no need to worry. everything got successful. I got a free happy family time and was so happy that my mind doesn't want to go for a job in Mumbai. I decided with keeping a stone in my heart to go and make a few more savings. I said take care of yourself and father. I again resumed my job in Mumbai. missing all those moments of joy I continued my life. life is so very cruel in such tines it takes an exam. after few days I got another job offer of rs. 25,000 but here there was no food and stay. I calculated and approx. rs. 4000 expenses and I still save more than Rs.3000. the place was not so good. but ill manage. I made such progress with my work and I was happy as everything was going well. As now my father could not work I have to do the hard work alone. My wife tries to accumulate a small source of income by making handicrafts at home but the amount of money only helps to keep my home running. I am the head of the team now. Now I decided not to loose as my family supports me very well.

I worked in Mumbai for more than 2 years. Frequently going to see my family in the village. The situation got worsed when suddenly my father got another problem with his health. And again my wife took my dad to the hospital now the doctor says there is a heart blockage and we need to clear it fast as it is risky. The doctor said within 1 month the problem should be solved or else things might go more dreadful. I looked at the cloud and said to god what are you doing, you aren’t playing the game with me. My whole life I saved so much but you always make my hand emptier and emptier. I said let's not take risk and again I showed to the doctor at Mumbai the same thing he said the operation is a must. I said now what to do. How much will the cost be? The doctor said the operation will cost about 2 lakhs as it is a very severe case we need to operate very carefully. Now I was all upside down and was thinking now what to do I asked my wife. She said let's not try government hospital. Mumbai looks as easy but when it comes to health it just makes everyone’s pocket empty. I decided to make the operation in a government hospital in my village. The day came of operation and I was scared as to what will happen. The doctor came out and said everything is fine and you can now take rest. There was no charge of the operation as it was a government hospital. I was happy about what the result was. 

I said to father please take rest don’t do work in absence of me. Father said “to live I need to work”

I said take rest for few days and then do work but light work please dad.

I decided that now I have saved a bit of money of approx.. rs. 10 lacs and should take the risk for opening my own firm in Mumbai. I want my whole family to stay together for that I took a risk of opening my firm in Mumbai. I searched for the office and I got an office for Rs. 50,000 rent and deposit of rs. 3 lacs. And 5 staff having a salary of rs. 20,000 each. My business setup with furniture cost me about 2 lacs. Everything was running smooth and after 5 months all my business setup & rent got covered. I just calculated my earning from now on rs. 50,000 a month with taking all expenses aside. I was happy with my performance and now I decided to bring my family to Mumbai. For that, I took a room rent of Rs. 15,000 and a deposit of Rs. 1 lakh. I was so happy. The day came we all were happy about staying together. I wished how lucky I was to make my business onto the line and I made my efforts and made my family stay together. All were happy.

After five months what happened was worst than a nightmare to me. A Virus that made my whole business to a full stop. People call it Coronavirus in which people tend to die if the case gets worst in a few days. Not only India but the whole world was affected by it. The day our country was in lockdown with this virus. My whole positive journey came to a mad journey. There was a 15-day lockdown. I thought everything will be fine after 15 days. But look what happens lockdown continues and continues and 3 months passes. I was nowhere in the place to sustain. I Called my client to pay me my money for what my company worked. They said sorry but they themselves are in trouble and can't pay the amount. My workers started shouting at me to give payments and see the situation got even more worst. I decided to say my rented owners to help me out by giving back my deposit. And look here they said we have used it and cleared all in our loans and now even we don’t have money to give you back. As the 3 months rent of office and my house came about to be rs. 2 lacs & my deposit amount came to be rs. 4 lacs and my employee payment come to be rs. 3 lacs. Somehow I managed to give them a particular amount so that they could run their home I decided to give the salary of the month in which lockdown occurred. Rs. 1 lacs got cleared from my pocket.

My saving from now I just have rs. 2 lakh that I earned from business in which 1 lakh I gave to my workers for the month of lockdown. Now rs. 1 lacs + 3 lacs total all in I have rs. 4 lacs savings.

We decided to go to my village where at least we have our own home and we could stay in peace there. As there was no home of any payment coming or our deposit of rooms coming. We took a journey to train at least the tickets and food was free. We reached the village and we were quarantined for 14 days. After the day we reached our home we took a deep breath. And now we were thinking now what could we do. As the lockdown continues we could not survive without any work. As we left Mumbai with all owned businesses. When all was happy we enjoyed but the nature crises made use fall down upside down. I frequently call my clients to pay money but see what the answer is we will pay you bu now even we don’t have left money. We kept running our own family. They said don’t worry money will be cleared. As the amount of credit that was of rs. 2 lacs. God knows when it will be back. Now even turning to the city makes us scare as the virus is so much in the city that we have life risk. “We could earn if we could live”. Now the only god saves my pending money in the city market and the savings that I have now.

As lockdown opens everything will be turning in reverse side. At least food is cheap so that we can live but what will happen in the future. I have a grown-up child. We have a government school here we will put him in that school. At least the cost is saved. And I could earn in the village itself for now and can run my home.

Everything which was earned instantly came so down that I remembered my father and me doing hard work in our period. The situation comes drastic down as now life is more important than money.

As for now, I cant do business again. I was an employee and will always be an employee. when huge tree falls with a disease it takes many years to heal itself


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