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How to be Build Happiness after crossing 40

happy 40

We are Happy when we are with someone, if you want to be happy alone then there’s lot more for you

Top 5 things you can to do be happy alone

  1. Examine others Life
  2. Get yourself satisfied
  3. Development of Feeling great
  4. I am a messenger
  5. Relaxed



Motivate 1

  1. Examine other life


See the world how the circle of life is being running around yourself, are they happy around if yes than you haven’t seen yet the deepest misery around yourself. Feel them, is your life same as them. They might be far-far poor from you but have you seen them happy. Think how their day & night might be going they feel happy when you give them some food or rupee of happiness. Their each day turns hell. Because of the society in which they live they don’t even get education. They even are not bothered because their parents send them to beg here & there.


Examine others life for your happiness gives birth to happiness from inside.


  1. Get yourself satisfied


We usually see others who donate or help others, have you tried to do so. The reality “To Give without any return” of value makes your heart feel satisfied. The feeling of satisfaction is amazing, when you give poor guy a meal or whatever you give your happiness comes natural.

Motivate 2

  1. Development of Feeling great


Gradually helping others gives a birth of hope & happiness in your heart. You gradually feel happy with what you are doing. Their happiness turns your happiness. You got the cause to be happy. If not donating helping others also can help.

Motivate 3

  1. Messenger


The feeling of loneliness is not natural but it might be message for you to serve humanity. You get once in a lifetime opportunity to do so because its

Something else that you need to understand. Everything happens for a reason you just need a way to see the world. God wants you to help those who are in need for help, just believe in god and everything will go in a flow. You have taken risk in your business for earning profit. Try to help someone by making your life in a risky way so that you feel you feel happy.


  1. Relaxed

When everything runs smooth and you are also happy life feels relaxing around somewhere in the deep corner of earth. Make a trip to island for a week to make your life worthy & proud to be.


Thank you



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