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Am I happy? is my life full of happiness, can’t judge right.

You might be always thinking about yourself, that my life is full of sadness although you are happy few times but still you feel your neighbor is more happy than you or your friends life is more happy than you.

It’s not true you need to change your thinking process. Because the way you see them is not always true. You don’t know how trouble he might be facing from inside. They seem happy but in real they might be sad from heart or any other issues.


If you seem not to be happy than sit for a tea and get it figured it out by yourself, where are you missing in your life, find a solution.

Most probable it is the time issue.


Top 5 problems faced by current generation


  • Busy in work
  • Too much stress to handle
  • Thinking about earning more
  • You are not able to give time to your family & friends that’s missing
  • You even don’t call your family in the break time


  1. Busy in work

Till the time you were free you were happy but at the certain age of time you need to give priorities to be happy in your family, relatives, friends & society. Work is such a field where you tend to forget the world and you fully focus on output but you should also remember your family because they are a part of you. It’s not always to do work & work. Get your personal time to call your family once.


  1. Too much stress to handle

Life is all easy till the time your body supports you but at a certain period of time your body can’t handle to much nuisance around you for that you need to be calm and be relaxed or else you will shout with anger even to your family because anger has no family it emits whenever it wants. So please relax a bit and be happy.




  1. Thinking about earning more

We usually want to earn a better salary so that we could be happy in future. But till the time you visualize about future your current life gets into hell where in you miss those precious moment of life to be happy around and there after you feel yes man I just missed the day when I was earning too much. Ensure to use not a portions but percentage of your income every month to make you & your family happy.


  1. You are not able to give time to your family & friends that’s missing

We don’t mind you are busy or want to earn too much. But the priority is priority we don’t need always you call always you give complaints it’s just that we need your whole day of holiday to be used by making us happy with whatever you could do. We just want you to take us out somewhere so that we could feel happy.


  1. You even don’t call your family in the break time

Life is more beautiful when you use your personal time with your family. It gives a loving attachment tick to your heart when you call at home and when you say how are you? What are you doing? What is my Son/Daughter doing? Have you eaten lunch? This all are heart touching things to ask daily you don’t need a heavy talks. Soft talks are the best way to make your family feel you are watching an positive eye on us.

Thank you for reading.


Let’s change a bit, to make a bit, to think a bit, and make a move to be happy forever.


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