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How to become someone's santa this christmas

How to become someone's santa this christmas



I am happy, i am always happy, think is your family happy, are your kids happy, have you ever thought to spend a bunch of time with family if no than you should start doing this christmas.

here are top 5 things you should do this christmas to make your family happy.

1.  plan for christmas with family
    1.1.    clean your home
    1.2.    prepare list of invites
    1.3.    bring chrismas tree
    1.4.    enjoy the month

1.plan for christmas with family:
       If you were thinking for a change in your life, december month is a boom to you, sit together with a family and start discussing what can we do crazy in december.  this will make their mind engaged in december and you will gain a bit of credit for a word like”what can we do this december” surely all will be happy to do something new.

1.1. clean your home
history says where there is cleanliness, “laxmi” stays there means joy, positivity & money at your home. we should start cleaning up, because santa dont want to visit a dirty home, lets start cleaning to get those precious gift that we are awaiting from ages.

1.2.  prepare a list of invites
we are happy after all cleanliness, now its time to decide whom we are going to invite for a get together this december. it makes you happier that friends and family visit your home and you feel more happier.

1.3. bring christmas tree
there is nothing in the world then bringing a christmas tree in our home. its pure positive vibes coming at your home. decorate it and try to make beautiful so that you get more and more of gifts from santa.

 1.4. enjoy the month
every thing gone well and the month came and suddenly every one whom you invited came at your home to celebrate christmas, and what you see the bundle of joy in every one’s face. and enjoying together, though you are waiting fir santa to come. he is always present to see you happy and see what does the santa do, in the night he keeps all those gifts for you and when all wake up, a sweet smile comes in their faces, when did santa came & when did he kept gift. 

“you have to be santa for someone”

thank you for all those positive reading


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