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how to earn free passive income step by step guidance for begginers expert tips

How to make money online step-by-step guidance for beginners  expert tips

passive income for free

If you are just at the start of making your dream in reality by making money online. It is very tough to earn money by your own. You need help to earn. You need a smart work not just copy and paste. I generally see people loosing hope in between Specially those who need passive income and enjoy life. Those who are giving their 100% attention to their work makes their goal achieve.

I said smart work not just copy and paste. Did you really got what I want to say to you?

Smart Work       

  1. Innovative content
  2. Copy and paste
  1. Innovative content Step-by-step guidance:

 Every Human being in the world have brain. But they really know how much it could help you in earning money just by reading and writing. I have a very simple idea for you all to just earn few passive income just by reading and viewing content.

Step-by-step guidance I earlier said earn 1 million in the end of the year.

I am not saying affiliate marketing here only the content power

  1. It is never too late. Google Always wait for our innovative content
  2. Your initial step to earn money is to search a topic in which you feel you could find a bunch of content and you could just create many posts of approx. 1000 to 1500 words.
  3. Just to create 100 posts title, no need of content now. Innovative titles for your 100 post just for instant just find 100 post titles. Step by step as how kids learn. Here you have to focus on the viewers
  4. Create content as if you are making your kids learn. Don’t go for brief content slowly just make habit of 500 – 1000 words post.
  5. Give time to your post. I think you should approx. have 1 month time for research for your post title and inside content.
  6. In online earning we need to go in a tortoise speed as we can't just post on Google and start earning.
  7. Now your first month might have gone in creating content. Now the first part is done.
  8. Creative Images in side which you can write post title in it or in between content target in 1 week 10 posts in your blog daily 1 in between 2 you have to complete your 10 posts.
  9. See how viewers love your content and their comments. If they love your content what they need they will surely follow you.
  10. When approx. you get above 1000 – 2000 views apply for ad sense that will help you in earn now you will get the taste of earning money day by day.
  11. Another week post 20 posts now your visitors will increase day by day as you are feeding your baby they will also feed your content.
  12. Content power is most important for you.
  13. Take few time in daily and also create other upcoming posts of your topic. This will create a chain and you will just making passive income.


I will recommend ou if your don’t have money don’t worry create a free blogger account in which Google gives you everything for free. You should have basics of internet and basics of computer that’s all you need. I know how much money it goes in purchasing a website. But for housewives and who are free to do such work with good content wins the race. Here rabbits don’t earn they just make money for once, and they are just blocked. Your content will boost your blog and at the end of the year you will definitely make 1 million out of it. Innovative the content more the visitor in your page.

 Few best platforms in which you can earn money

  •  A) Copy & paste

 Avoid copy and paste or spinning others article. This will not only make your blog weak but will also waste your time investment in your blog. You can copy and paste but in creating your own content blog.

Best idea in the world is platform like YouTube in which millions of videos rank higher.

Go on the most views videos ill say go in learning topics as demand for learning never stops.

  1. Take a topic
  2. 20-minute video of less its up to you
  3. Take a book & pen
  4. Whatever the person is saying write it up
  5. Create your own learning and content for your post
  6. Create title innovative image
  7. Prepare your 100 posts and as I said earlier just do those steps

 This idea is most easy if you can't create your own content just do as copy and paste method that I just said. You just have to make in easier way as audience could understand. In near future this will only happen as all the content is being uploaded on YouTube, but they miss in writing on their blog.

You have to do that work by your name of blog.

 This will make your passive income boost.

 Thank you

God bless you


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