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Human Flying like bird Artificial intelligence future technology idea

5 best ideas to create Artificial intelligence  future technology 

Human Flying like bird

human bird


Here we need to bag like engine which will be attested in backside of human as like parachute.

A Butterfly like body in which creating wings to fly

Process that could might be made by scientist of current generation

this might be the simplest but exclusive  Artificial intelligence technology

A) Coding engines to operate to fly

B) Making Engine to perform with the help of a remote access or human mind as siri or alexa

C) Engine should be created with rechargeable battery thats should approx 2 days.

D) Smart engine with operational functions as moving according to remote access or human mind as siri or alexa

E) In this flying body mechanism making friction with moving of wings and helping body to move up with the help of engine.

F) Here human hands should be free not to be attested in wings.

G) Making human hand less active only engine is activated in this part.

H) We have to create such a gear base heavy metal system that moves up and down with the help of Artificial intelligence coding

Its a simple mechanism that could hardly be created in a week time if scientist wants to create.

Advance coding can make it a better use for security purpose inside city 

these are only crazy ideas that comes in my mind please make it a try this is possible in todays life


Thank you for reading



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