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Society Signs Covid-19 Precautions Vector Printable

Society Signs Covid Precautions Vector Printable 

World is facing a huge virus attack in which we should help each other by making our self safe and also the other people. we can definetly kill the spreading of virus by following few signs of safety covid precautions. We are now in a stage of asymptomatic cases around where in we even dont know our partner is having a virus. So we better keep precaution from every one even our family. If we are suffering from common cold or flew also we shall wear mask in our home also and keeping in mind if we feel even we are a case of corona virus than frequent drinking of hot water or any such ayurvedic drink that best suits your body. We just want to get precaution for it. We dont wanna go to hospitals right or even see the drasting high bills. As we all are suffering from financial crises. 

Lets Take a pledge to keep our self safe and keeping in mind also to keep others safe from covid precautions. And share the Files of  Society Signs Covid Precautions Vector Printable by looking these signs we remember that we should take care of ourself. If our Building or society is not having these signs we should guide them to use in their building or societies and hotels and wherever it is needed.

1) Lift Society Signs Covid Precautions Vector Printable 

society signs covid precautions lift

Download Here

2) Please queue at each sticker maintain distance in queue Society Signs Covid Precautions Vector Printable 

maintaine distance

Download Here

3) Maintain safety distance

Face Mask Required Beyond This point

4 Passangers

Left Right Arrow Society Signs Covid Precautions Vector Printable

face mask 

Download Here 

4)Temperature Check Mandatory Society Signs Covid Precautions Vector Printable 

Temperature Mandatory

Download Here

5)Procceed This Way Society Signs Covid Precautions Vector Printable 

Proceed This Way

Download Here 


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