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Technology Beyond - Sky Farming the Future is near

Technology beyond - sky farming with super natural Health

Something growing on earth is common but making a farm above sky is something undigestable. we could make a huge change to world if we could try to invest grow sky farming where heavy nutritious fruits and veggies can be grown. we dont no if we could just make a huge invention to it but this definetly can make us more powerful and with loads of immunity if we consume such fruits and vegetables. as trees need oxygen and above such height there is thinner air where in trees could find oxygen and carbondioxed and more closer the sun which can create something natural and high in nutritious food.


if we could invest such technology for a trial base and if we find sum thing more helpul and something unbelievable we can definetly change our health. Planning for future health and super natural health we should have such types of experiments as we dont no when we could succed in our way of long race in the world.

we have to take a particular part of soil (4x 4 feet with depth of approx 3 feet) and a seed (as per expirement) that could grow above the sky level. frequent water.

with high end artificial intelligence we could definetly try such experiment for man kind.

thank you


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