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Types of Ports in Computer

Types of Ports in Computer




Plugs in; Printers | consoles | iPods | speakers | crackpot PC additional items, similar to fans, refreshment warmers, and work area lights. 

Worth knowing; USB speaks to Universal Serial Bus. (Make an effort not to ask!) Computers generally go with in any occasion two of these ports, anyway if you need more, consider a USB focus point, which can contain seven. Recollect that an inside point may thwart solitary contraptions, considering the way that the USB transmitting power is shared between them all.


Fittings in: External hard drives, camcorders, and more established iPods with an attachment that coordinates this port. 

Worth knowing: The "400" alludes to the greatest speed at which the port can move information (400 megabits for every second). The port is once in a while marked IEEE 1394. In light of the quick speed, it's ideal for enormous exchanges, similar to video.


Plugs in; Newer outside hard drives, camcorders, and more seasoned iPods with a fitting that coordinates this port. 

Worth knowing; This is the more current and quicker form of the normal Firewire 400 and accordingly takes an alternate fitting. In the event that you have more 400-good gadgets than 800 ones, you can purchase a link that changes over a 800 port to a Firewire 400.



Attachments in; A home Internet association or, at the workplace, a printer that interfaces with a system. 

Worth knowing; The marginally thicker-than-typical telephone rope gives you access to a link or DSL modem. Busy working, the Ethernet rope interfaces a PC to a system's servers and printers.


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