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What are the best things you could do to motivate yourself

What are the best things you could do to motivate yourself?


It’s being crazy that we all are searching for peace around us to lower our stress. Here are the best way to release stress from our body to relax in the best way we could do.

3 Best ways to release stress out of your body

  1. Watch
  2. Experiment
  3. Listen

1) Watch

We usually see someone and our mind gets into it in a deeper state. Here we would focus on our imagination to come in state. Go to www.Google.com search images and type Creative Paintings. You would see numerous paintings. Open one and concentrate on it for a instance and see what your mind thinks about it. It will scan your whole brain in a positive way and will give you a positive reply of like ya its looking like blossom flower, no it also looks like a fish, no it also looks like gods face or it’s a happy person this all small elements lets you change your mind process to release stress.

2) Experiment

You should try to experiment on yourself take a bunch of plain papers and try to create a art that could motivate you. Paint it with different colors create your own creative painting. It makes your mind to think in one direction and feel relaxing.

3) Listen

Music Relaxes all your mind and make you feel like you in heaven, listen to instrument music like flute, table, Violin, guitar it goes deep in your mind to break those bad notes that are disturbing in your mind.

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