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What inspires you to be lonely and spread happiness around

What inspires you to be lonely and spread happiness around


Frequent Calls from your inner soul to live in peace and enjoy the nature each & every creation by god. It’s not new, it’s something innocent wish by your soul to let go everything and “Let’s be in peace”. If you really want to make a decision of your life I would recommend you to just be positive towards life. God has given your life to make it worth to live heavenly. You have to live your life, marry a girl, become a Father/Mother be happy as your parents were when you were born. Study each & every party of life, I would request you to forget all your enemies and make a change of thinking towards life. Life has many sorrows & unhappiness but you should carry all with yourself till the time you are active in it but at a particular stage you should make a decision to forget all those enemies.


We want to go somewhere far away to enjoy life like a vacation trip for a month to get peace for your inner soul and enjoy the most towards life. You still don’t know how god is so great towards your life. He knows my creation can’t live in such a mess. He created nature so beautifully that his each & every creation is inspiring to live more & more But we are bound to it and we became blind because of few bad influencer. You should make it out that your inner soul is saying to lead out and he “badly wants a freedom” to it. After age of 40, 50 or 60 you should try to research what does your inner soul wants.


I personally think, I would definitely move for a vacation trip around the world unless the govt. gives visa to it. I want to develop my grandfather’s farm and want to make as it was when I was a kid. So that my kids also get the pleasure feeling of it. I want to grow trees, eat a peaceful meal make my body worked a little bit and enjoy in peace with few known or unknown friends. My internal soul says to me you have lot more to in life “don’t lose hope for a single thing” I am with you I will be your journey partner. It gives me so much unbelievable positive vibes that I truly feel to go now. But I have my own duties to be completed. But in near future I will surely go for an environmental living like “GAUTAM BUDDHA” He is my inspiration towards life. I don’t know why, I Just heard about it and seen the video of it, I just got so inspired by the story. He who went out of kingdom in search of realizing the truth behind all values of life and at the end he experienced all the stages of life to share with all peoples around. Every one has different opinion of inspiration and I truly feel what I learned till date and what is letting me to share all values make me share all the values in current days and in near future. Spreading values & living in peace will surely give my soul a better life to carry in my near future.


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