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What is a LAN

Before, begin with this topic. I am sure We all know what is computer networks and why do we need computer networks and their uses. 



So, what is LAN and LAN stands for?




If we try to understand this with our day to day life. We can consider it as a local transport system where we often use Bikes, By-cycle or Auto rickshaw to travel or move from one place to other locally. That means in limited area. Similarly, In computers or digital world there also we need a network which can be used locally for communication and sharing of data from one computer to another.



Hopefully, until now you all would have got an idea about this topic.


So let's begin.






    1. What is a LAN ?

        1.1  Full Form of LAN

        1.2 Uses of LAN

        1.3 Advantages of LAN

1.4 Disadvantages of LAN 

1.5 Range of LAN 

1.6 Sample Diagram of LAN



What is a LAN?



    LAN stands for “Local Area Network”. As the name suggests it is used for small area networks and local area networks. LAN is required when there is a small number of network devices need to be connected locally. Something around 20-25 computers. 



Uses of LAN?



For instance computers with in a limited area such as residence, school, Laboratory, office building and university campus.



Advantages of LAN :




  1. Resource Sharing.


Resource sharing could be hardware resources such as DVD-Rom, Hard Disk, Moderm, Printers, Scanners and webcam. This will help you reduce hardware purchases cost. For example, An organisation or  in a building using Local Area Network can be utilized one printer for the whole organization. 

  1. Software Application Sharing.

It is very beneficial to use the same software over local area network instead of purchasing separate licence for each client in the network. It will cost more to purchase separate licence software for each individual.

  1. For communicating locally.

Data and messages can easily be transfer over Local Area Networked computers. It saves a lot of time and money.

  1. Centralized data.

Centralized data can be used to store data of all the workstation at one hard disk or server. This way client or employee is not dependent on their system/workstation. As they can access their data locally just by logging into their account from client computer over local network. 

  1. Data Security.

Since, data is stored in to local server centrally it will be easy to manage data and it will be secure too as more security to computer servers.


Disadvantages of LAN :


  1. Covers small area.

Local Area Network covers a small area like one building, one office or a group of nearby buildings.

  1. LAN maintenance job.

Local Area networks require LAN administrator. Because, there is always a problem of software installation or Hardware failure or cable disturbance in local area network.

  1. Data security threat.

Data security threat is always their over network but when it comes to local area networks this threat is always their as unauthorized users can get access to centralised data or servers due to less security.

  1. High setup cost.

Local area networks required to purchase hardware devices and this could be highly expensive. Although local area network saves  cost over time due to shared resources over network but initial cost of setup local area network is very high.

  1. Privacy violations.

The LAN administrator has the rights to check personal data over  network. Moreover, he can check internet history and computer use of history of each and every user of LAN network.



Range of LAN :




  1. Small area.

  2. one building, a school, an organization or group of few buildings.

  3. 20-25 computers.




Sample Diagram of LAN :











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