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What is Build Network

What is Build Network


In today's world we all are using electronic devices one way or another and it will not be wrong if I say we all have become so dependent that we can not think of doing a single task without needing these devices.

Ever wondered ! How these devices make connections between each other without fail ?
This all happens with the help of computer networks.

What is Computer Network?


  1. What is Computer Network?

1.1 Types of Computer Networks:

1.2 What are nodes :

1.3 What are Networking cables :

    1.3.1 Types of networking cables:


A network in digital world is a group of computers, servers, mainframes and other electronics devices which is connected to one another for sharing data or communication is known as network or computer network.

Types of Computer Networks :

  1. Physical Networks

  2. Virtual Networks

Computer networks are generally consist of physical or virtual Networks.

These Networks are used by these devices to exchange data with each other using connections between nodes. 

Note : An excellent example of network is INTERNET . We all use today.    

What are Nodes ?

    In telecommunication, a node can be considered as a starting point of network or the end point of network. The definition of nodes basically depends on the network layer and the protocol layer it is referred to. You can understand more about network or protocol layer by clicking this link here.

These data links are established over networking cables.

    . What is IP Address ?

    . What is MAC Address ?

    . What is LAN & WAN ?

    . What is Topology ?

 What are Networking Cables ?

Networking cables are used  to connect one network device to other network devices or to connect one or more computers to share data, to connect printers and scanners or for communication purposes.

These connection could be established by using different types of networking cables depending on the physical layer, topology and size.

These devices could be placed at few meters( eg. via Ethernet) or at unlimited distance (eg. via the interconnections  of the Internet).

Types of Cables :

  1. Twisted Pair

  2. Coaxial Cable

  3. Fiber Optics

  4. Patch

    Hope, This article would be helpful and knowledgeable. If you have any queries or questions about this topic. Write to me in the comment below and I will be happy to answer. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


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