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What is Python mostly used for


What is Python mostly used for?


Python is all-purpose programming language,which means it can be used for developing almost all kinds of software and applications.



Professionally, Python is great for backend development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of things and scientific computing. Python can also be used for developing desktop applications, games and productivity tools.


so there are plenty of resources to help you learn how to do those as well.

It is also used for Scripting and hacking as well


You can see the image below for better understanding of Python’s applications, packages and their frameworks.





Some Python’s web frameworks for web development :





  1. Django

  2. CherryPy

  3. Pyramid

  4. TurboGears

  5. Web2Py

  6. Bottle

  7. Tornado

  8. Flask

  9. Grok

  10.  BlueBream



The 2 Most Popular Gaming Tools in Python.


  1. Pygame

  2. PyKyra


The 7 Most Popular Frameworks and libraries in Python for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


  1. TensorFlow

  2. Microsoft CNTK

  3. Theano

  4. Caffe

  5. Keras

  6. Spark MLlib

  7. Sci-kit Learn

  8. Numpy

  9. Scipy

  10. Pandas

  11. Matplotlib

Essential Packages for IOT in python

  1. Sockets

  2. mraa 

  3. mysqldb 

  4. numpy 

  5. matplotlib 

  6. pandas 

  7. opencv 

  8. tkinter 

  9. Tensorflow 

  10. Requests

  11. paho-mqtt











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