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About Me

Who am I?

I am nobody for everybody but somebody for someone who can really appreciate if they love to hear what I say, what my words depict to say something beyond very common in our day to day life that pinches you a bit to give you a Goosebumps in your hand. I never thought to write but god knows how I started my journey from my first post to the posts I am writing. We always want something in life to achieve and my achievement in today’s world is to make you’ll happy with what I can. My English might be uneven for all but the values in each & every word has lot more to say about me, myself & the current world. We have forgotten something that’s missing in current life, I want to enlighten your inner peace which could make you more satisfied by what you have, even though you don’t have anything now might be you could have in near future the time gap between that is very crucial. I am your journey for that span of time and if you love my thoughts you surely will win your life’s goal.

                       We all are suffering from a disease called stress and family issues, I am not sure to remove your stress but I am 101% sure of my writing that it will make you enthuse and will give a bigger engine to think about yourself. God is present in each and every second just he is blind to see what you are doing. He just knows one thing “Karma” What you do comes back to you, if it’s good or bad. “I will be there my son, only if you call me for help; they have their own books of record where we are being noted in it.

A best example : In today’s life we do both good as well as bad karma.

If you perform good karma you get +100 points wherein your bad karma gets a -10 point in your life than calculate how much you achieved or not achieved, it’s a serious job to keep a track by us and also by god but he also has the dangerous job. there’s a secret you should know your bad work leads to miserable condition which you never want in life but its true it happens, it could have a break if you have helped someone in life or by your influence any how someone’s life got enlighten this erases your bad debts of life. Which makes you live more & help more?

                       Purpose of this blog is to give you maximum relief from your bad counts & make it realize about yourself and have a new beginning from today itself. We are humans mistakes happen somehow and certain circumstances comes in life where in we are forced to do the mistake and we don’t want to perform but it happens. We can’t change the mistakes but can make a markup to solve it in near future. We usually pay for that mistake by having the same incident occurred in our life in near future. I don’t know about you but it has occurred in my life what I did, got the same to me in near future that to 10 times more disaster-ably. Better to stop at the moment and have a belief of not to make the mistakes in current tense so that your future gets secured and have an enjoyable life. World itself is a Mystery and we are a part of it and we are playing with each & everyone’s issues. We want to help others but we our self are spider netted in our own issues.

Why not make the best out of our problems?

         Each & every problem starts from single running factor that is money which runs our life, which is totally involved in our life and it will be till the end of our last stage of life. We are so much in it that we think we would take a bag of money and will travel to heaven and we will enjoy our self with those money. We all know in a few stages of life our mind thought process reminds us “are we not in the wrong world” we should be king and in a royal family. Believe me the world is full of happiness and a drop of tears with this mixture your whole life gets a better taste to live. Your Birth is a blessing by god that you will make world a better place to live. Life is a problem unless you get a better way to mix challenges.


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